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"My husband and I have had the privilege of working with Michele Dremmer for many years on numerous projects. We have also recommended her to many friends and family members. Michele sense of design is flawless and her ability to adapt to her clients visions and lifestyles is amazing."


Laura and Hilton Gordon

"Moving from a large house in the suburbs into a “right size” condo in the city can be very challenging.


We need a super decorator to come to our rescue.


Enter Michelle. She had a plan to use what we had and warm it up using color and texture. Shopping with Michelle  was easy as she directed us to all the right places. New and old came together with her careful planning.


Using the original kitchen cabinets, but changing the wood panels, doors and hardware saved us a large amount of money, which we put into new granite countertops and back splashes. New window treatments coordinate with our new look cabinets.


Our bedroom is a restful, lovely room, done in greys and black, great lamps and fabulous drapes.


The basic colors run throughout, so that each room blends into the next.


Two bathrooms needed to be reconstructed. Michelle had the tub removed and designed a spa shower that is a knock-out.


We love are redesigned apartment. What a compliment to Michelle."


Estelle and Larry Lasky

"Since January 2012 I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with Ms. Dremmer under the auspices of the museum’s Development Committee which she Chairs. Michele has been the key driver as the project moves towards implementation. She’s been adroit at balancing effective and dynamic leadership with client guidance –– with foresight, tenacity and diligent organization she’s plotted a path through a complicated process fraught with sometimes competing demands between architecture, construction financing, policy, operations and strategy. As the chief conduit between the client and project’s contractors and consultants, she has been indispensable to keeping the project on-task and to maintaining a dynamic corps de esprit."


Todd Palmer

Founding Partner/Director of Content Design

"I can provide the highest praise for Michele without hesitation. She is effective, ethical, collaborative…tough minded when needed to drive results and, at the same time, a supportive, creative problem solver who draws the best out of her project teams.


There are few people that I hold in higher esteem than Michele Dremmer. She has always demonstrated the very highest moral fiber, even when she is confronted with challenges or is under personal stress.


Michele has a very strong sense of self. Not only is she, herself, completely trustworthy, but she is draws trustworthiness out of her co-workers and sub contractors. When speaking of ‘quality of character’, Michele is a force to which we should all aspire."


Pat Turnbull

President & COO

Kayhan International





"Throughout this time Michele has been a trusted colleague, an insightful associate and creative peer. I am indebted to her for the energy and dedication that she brought to any project in which she participated. Three of these projects, for which she directed the interior design, were recognized by the Chicago American Institute of Architects for Design Excellence, the Booth Library at Eastern Illinois University, the CERA Field Education Center at Grinnell College, and the Science Center at Beloit College."


James Baird,


Design Principal


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